Labuan Bajo Airport Transfer Labuan Bajo Airport Transfer

Airport Transfer Labuan Bajo Komodo – Pay On The Spot

Airport Transfer Labuan Bajo with Professional and Friendly Drivers Make Your Arrival in Labuan Bajo Happier. Only Rp. 100,000 / Car You can already enjoy Pickup or Drop Service to your Hotel in Labuan Bajo. – Payment on the spot!

The Airport Transfer Labuan Bajo Komodo service makes it easy for those of you who don’t want to mess around with haggling over prices with taxis at Komodo airport.

We provide shuttle services from the airport to your hotel in Labuan Bajo with professional and friendly driver services.

Our team will be waiting for you at the Komodo Airport arrival gate in Labuan Bajo, then will take you to your hotel or lodging around Labuan Bajo.

Airport Transfer Labuan Bajo Detail Price

Airport Transfers Komodo Labuan Bajo
Airport Transfer Labuan Bajo Komodo

The price we offer is the best and fair price. An easy ordering system coupled with a guaranteed payment method, which is to pay directly to our driver.

Here are the details of the Komodo airport shuttle delivery price :

Labuan Bajo City Area

Number of ParticipantsPrice ( Inc Parking Fee)Payment method
1 – 4 PaxRp. 100.000 / 1 CarPay On The Spot
5 – 8 PaxRp. 200.000 / 2 CarPay On The Spot
9 – 12 PaxRp. 300.000 / 3 CarPay On The Spot
La Prima Hotel, Seasta, Ecotree, Dragon Dive, Local Collection, Luwansa, Bintang Flores, and Etc

Labuan Bajo Waecicu Area

Number of ParticipantsPrice ( Inc Parking Fee)Payment method
1 – 4 PaxRp. 125.000 / 1 CarPay On The Spot
5 – 8 PaxRp. 250.000 / 2 CarPay On The Spot
9 – 12 PaxRp. 325.000 / 3 CarPay On The Spot
Ayana Hotel – Silvia Hotel – Plataran Hotel – Waecicu Hotel -Jayakarta Hotel

How to Book Airport Transfer Labuan Bajo Komodo

Airport Transfer Labuan Bajo Komodo
Airport Transfer Labuan Bajo Komodo

If you are interested in our offer, there are a few things you need to pay attention to.

To book Airport Transfer Labuan Bajo Komodo you must contact us via Email or Chat WhatsApp regarding your booking.

Airport Transfer Komodo
Airport Transfer Labuan Bajo
  1. Contact us  to inquire about availability and order process
  2. We will send you the booking format. Fill in the requested data and send it back to us.
  3. We will confirm to you if the booking is successful and send you a travel voucher and What is the name and phone number of the driver who will pick you up.
  4. On the day of arrival our team will contact you to confirm your flight details and arrival time at Komodo Airport.
  5. Our team will be waiting at the Komodo Airport arrival gate in Labuan Bajo holding a signboard with your name on it.
  6. After meeting our team, you will be taken directly to the car and then delivered to your hotel or lodging.
  7. When arriving at the hotel, you immediately pay cash according to the amount stated on your voucher to our driver.

8. You can book this Airport Transfer Komodo Labuan Bajo through our offer at Get Your Guide. Enjoy the ease of booking and payment through the Get Your Guide

For reservations and detailed information about Airport Transfer Labuan Bajo Komodo, please contact Contact below.
WA : +6281286978907 Or +6285190153161
Email :

Activities and Attractions to Enjoy in Komodo Island

Upon arrival at Komodo Island, tourists will be faced with a wide selection of interesting activities and attractions. One of the most iconic experiences is trekking to see Komodo dragons in their natural habitat.

Komodo National Park offers several trekking trails that vary in difficulty, allowing visitors to explore the stunning landscape while searching for the famous Komodo dragons. With an experienced guide, tourists can learn more about the dragons’ behavior and habitat, as well as enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings.

In addition to trekking, the waters surrounding Komodo Island also offer incredible opportunities for snorkeling and diving.

These waters are famous for their stunning underwater beauty, including rich coral reefs, colorful fish, and other rare marine species.

Locations such as Pink Beach and Batu Bolong are some of the best diving and snorkeling spots that should not be missed.

Local tour providers often offer snorkeling and diving packages that include equipment and professional guides, ensuring a safe and satisfying experience.

Not only is Komodo Island fascinating, but the surrounding islands such as Padar Island and Rinca Island also offer stunning scenery and unique experiences.

Padar Island is known for its dramatic hill scenery and panoramic views of beautiful coves, while Rinca Island, like Komodo Island, is also home to Komodo dragons.

Visiting these two islands provides a broader perspective of the diverse ecosystems in Komodo National Park.

To maximize the experience, you can use Hey Komodo tour services that offer complete packages that include transportation, guides, and activities, making it easy for you to enjoy all that Komodo National Park has to offer without worrying about logistics and planning.

With so many activities and attractions to choose from, a visit to Komodo Island is sure to be an unforgettable experience with Hey Komodo.

Hey Komodo also provides Bali Airport Transfer and Lombok Airport Transfer, you can book this service easily and of course you can pay directly to our driver when you arrive at the hotel.

Airport Transfer Labuan Bajo

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